About Us

Arco Iris Child Care provides licensed care for infants and toddlers children in a loving environment where children may learn to develop social and emotional skills which will prepare them for the rest of their lives. We build important cognitive skills that will help them with early literacy and success in Kindergarten. We run a child-centered program that focuses on the individual needs of each child. We strive for a balance of different ages so that the children can learn to accept and appreciate the diversity of each age and stage of growth. We Inspire children to become active participants in our diverse neighborhoods and communities. Our daily routines are filled with plenty of opportunities for free play and free choice activities. We start our day with playroom activities where we manipulate objects to reinforce math and literacy. We also do circle time to develop skills for thematic discussion.  A lot of learning and fun happens during this time. It is very important to learn some basic skills in listening, following directions and becoming self-sufficient so that when they reach kindergarten they are more than ready for the next step. We do a variety of projects both collaborative and individual. Our collaborative projects are often developed based on the children’s interest and things that they enjoy.

Our academic program is age appropriate and fun for the children.  We are experts in language modeling and promote not just the understanding of the second language but also the vocalization from the child of the second language encouraging the children to become Spanish speakers. Our programs are designed to teach the Spanish language as a maternal or second language. Our children come from a variety of backgrounds and will speak to each other in both English and Spanish.  The teachers will only speak in Spanish using a variety of language learning techniques such as total physical response and language modeling.  If a child is struggling with the transition to Spanish we will speak to them in English for a period of time, always with the goal of converting to Spanish.

Our community

This is an opportunity to learn about our chidcare facility and our current programs, know our teachers and discover why our parents trust in Arco Iris Childcare to help their children develop the skills they need to succeed at school and life.